Mechanical & Electrical Contracting


GTC established the Engineering and Maintenance division to provide technical expertise, and maintenance services ranging from minor to major repairs to various fleet owners and equipment operators in Kuwait, and the Middle East region.


Various Services Include:

  • Preventive Maintenance – keeping regular check ups on equipment’s in order to maintain their functions. Preventive maintenance activities include equipment checks, oil changes, and lubrication and so on as per the manufacturers recommendations. In addition, workers can record equipment deterioration so they know  which to replace or repair worn parts before they cause system failure.
  • General Maintenance –  a broad range of maintenance works that consists of different kinds of repairing ranging from: running, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, tires, washing & painting etc.
  • Major Repair – major renovations like engine overhaul, gearbox overhaul and differential overhaul etc.
  • Specialized Engineering works – specialized technical works like precision welding of oil pipelines, maintenance of various gears on fire trucks, repair and maintenance of generators used by Kuwait coast guard and specialized electro mechanical works.


Furthermore, all our major repairs carry a warranty, giving our customers absolute peace of mind.


GTC implements service programs according to the manufacturers recommendations for light and heavy equipment’s such as:

  • Truck Tractors
  • Semi Trailers-fuel tankers, flat bed, low bed, etc.
  • Vans & Buses
  • Fire Trucks
  • Mini Truck